An innovative, licensed medical aesthetics professional with expertise in developing unique product formulations and delivery systems in the aesthetic and nutraceutical industry. Recognized for superior execution skills, attention to detail and utilization of forward thinking methods that accelerates market adoption.


Highlight of Skills:


● Goal-oriented and entrepreneurial; strong interpersonal, planning and organizational skills.
● Highly skilled in developing unique product innovations, formulations and market execution strategies that optimize profit while capturing market share.
● Strong relationships with key raw material vendors, packaging vendors, chemists and regulatory personnel.
● Expertise in evaluating clinical data on raw materials and their mode of action on the skin and cells.
● Highly skilled in managing product development process from ideation to market execution including but not limited to: personal care products, medical aesthetics and devices, OTC’s, as well as nutraceutical.
● Holder of two patents pending products.
● Expert in “green” technologies developing one of the first medical product lines using “clean” ingredients.
● Designed and implemented product protocols and training for the aesthetics industry encompassing pre and post treatment as well as daily care to optimize outcomes.
● Recognized for developing unique product delivery systems and formulations while managing costs without compromising performance.
● Successfully obtained numerous product trademarks and patents for a wide range of clients both national and international.
● Thorough understanding of legal and regulatory requirements throughout the product development process.
● Optimized product profits for a large group of physicians by reducing product SKU’s from 2,000 to 90 while maintaining product line integrity.